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Founders’ Fortune


Oachkatzlschwoaf Interactive

Programmer: Daniel
Art: René

Full time development since

January 2019


Windows only during Alpha


Lyonel-Feininger-Straße 26, 80807 München

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Founders’ Fortune is a colony simulator that draws a lot of inspiration from the Sims: It incorporates a lot of creative building and puts a heavy focus on the colonists themselves, simulating thoughts, wishes, expectations, and traits.

These psychological components have a tremendous influence on the game: Migrants will only consider your colony if you can fulfill the expectations of your inhabitants. Your colonists think of a lot of wishes and you need to fulfill at least some of them to keep them happy and productive.

Like other colony games, there are resources to gather, technologies to unlock, and dangers to survive. Colonists get experienced in their professions unlocking new and faster ways to do their jobs.

About Oachkatzlschwoaf Interactive

Oachkatzlschwoaf Interactive is a 2 person team based in Germany. Daniel and René have been making games together in their free time since they were in high school.

Founders’ Fortune is the latest in a string of projects by the team and the first to be published online. Prototyping began as part time development at first to test the core game features, but since January 2019 both developers are working full time on the game – accelerating the development a lot.

Since going full time, we have started reaching out online and building a community. We decided to make the Alpha availabable for free, so we are getting a ton of valuable feedback from real players.

Daniel has a background in software engineering and robotics, and René has studied to become a teacher. Both bring more than 7 years of game development experience to the table.

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