Founders’ Fortune Update 1.1. is out! Traps, Multi-Tool-Racks & more!

Hello everyone!

With Update 1.1 we wanted to smooth out some rough edges of the game. This means a load of bugfixes, but also some quality-of-life things like adding a multi-tool-rack, displaying the health of people when fighting and making bows a little more effective.

Since we gained a bunch of new players since the 1.0 release, I also wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some of the most useful mods in the workshop to players who might not be aware those exist:

There are also a lot of mods that contain balance changes and some even contain new furniture, so check out the workshop if you’ve been playing the default game!


Features + Balancing
  • Traps: Improve your defenses with wooden and metal traps around your village
  • Multi-Tool-Rack: Give your villagers everything they need and have them switch automatically!
  • Game displays health above enemies and above villagers when fighting
  • Buffed Bows: More damage, no more friendly fire, target seeking
  • Now displaying notifications when achievements are disabled because of mods or cheats
  • Also displaying notification when you’re able to go for the “Challenger” achievement in your save
  • Multi-selecting villagers key binding can be changed now (left shift by default)
  • Tutorial messages can now be turned off in settings
  • Increased maximum room size
  • Masterpieces now always appear. If the game can’t find a location for it to spawn, it will just spawn in an invalid location and let the player move it to a better room.
  • Fixed an issue where archers in towers couldn’t shoot above walls or at enemies standing directly at their base. For tall fortifications, you still need a stone tower though!
  • Fixed an issue that kept upper floors visible when switching to a lower floor
  • Korean translation improved (thanks fornespresso!)
  • A bunch of localization fixes for English, German, and Japanese
  • Fixed issue where mine UI didn’t display anything when it was empty
  • Fixed issue where childhood happiness bar was invisible when it was negative
  • Game restarts when applying mods instead of just closing
  • Fixed bug where the trader inventory would reset on reload
  • Fixed bug where animals didn’t grow up properly
  • Fixed bug where the bonfire UI was messed up if too many people were living in the village

Free Alpha for our next game next Friday, March 12th

As some of you might already know, we’ve started working on our next game, InfraSpace. It’s a sci-fi city builder that focuses on using a road network to manage your production chains.

We’re looking to get early feedback from actual players, so if you’d like to join the free public Alpha next Friday or get updates on it, you can sign up here:

If you’d rather wait for the finished game, you can wishlist it on Steam instead:

You can also find updates on the game in our devlog or on our Twitter.

We hope you have a lot of fun with Update 1.1 of Founders’ Fortune! Happy playing!