Beta 1, the Graphics Update is available!

Hello everyone and welcome to Beta 1! As the name says, this time we’ve completely revamped most of Founders’ Fortune’s graphics! Check out the update mini trailer: Here are a couple more screenshots for your viewing pleasure: Other Features in Beta 1 Besides giving you basically a full remastered edition of the game, we spent […]

The Animal Update is released!

The time has come and we’re ready to release Alpha 14, the Animal Update! We made a small trailer for the update, so I’ll let the video do the talking: With the Animal Update, we wanted to put a heavy focus on the mid-game. Besides the the animals and animal interactions, we extended the food […]

The Profession Update is out!

Hello everyone!After a short break, it has finally arrived: Alpha 13, the Profession Update, is available. From the beginning, we have been getting feedback that villagers should be able to take on more than one job at the same time. Well, not only is that now possible, each job now also has a full skill […]

The Family Update is available!

If you have been following the forum thread during the last week, you already know a whole lot about what’s new. If not, you can either read it now, or check out the sweet new mini-trailer for this update: It’s called the Family Update, but let’s not forget the Relationships, that are new as well! […]

Architecture Update Released!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m honored to announce to you… Alpha 11, the Architecture Update! Check out the Mini-Trailer we made: As you see, this update is all about multiple floors and stockpiles, and boy, colonies do look great when they reach up into the skies! Multiple Floors This is the actual core of the update […]