The Farming Update is out!

After a month of hard work, we’re proud to announce that the Farming Update is finally available!

A lot has changed. As the name implies, there is a lot of new content to expand the farming side of Founders’ Fortune. Highlights include 4 new types of crops, the plant watering system, food preferences for colonists, and a Bug Infestation catastrophe. Additional work has gone into expanding the construction system, adding 23 new walls, floors, pillars, and furniture. Finally bug fixes and performance improvements put the final touches on the update.

As previously, we’re releasing the update for free so that everyone has an easy opportunity to try Founders’ Fortune. We hope you’ll have a lot of fun with it!

Detailed Changelog

Community Requests

  • Refunds when aborting planned floors, walls and furniture
  • Difficulty levels with “calm world mode”
  • Setting to disable mouse scrolling
  • Unconscious people and corpses can be stripped of their equipment
  • Tool to designate which resources to collect
  • 4x speed
  • Colonists renamable

Gameplay changes of previous systems

  • Seasons are now 4 days instead of 3
  • Changed grow times and yields of plants
  • Cotton grows much slower
  • Forester and Miner get more resources if they are more skilled
  • Scholar researches quicker if he is more skilled

New Features

  • Farming
    • Different food plants, growing in specific season
    • Much more food resources
    • Kitchen + Bakery
    • Food expectation system
    • Watering plants for higher yield
    • Favorite foods
    • Food allergies
    • Food ration system for long winters
    • Bug infestations
    • 2 new technologies
    • adapted farmer AI
    • Farmer’s outfit
    • Dead plants need to be removed before sowing new ones
  • New Construction Options
    • 6 new walls
    • 9 new floors
    • a stone path
    • 3 new pillars with a lot of variations
    • a fence for your new farm!
  • Lots of new animations (cooking, crafting, sitting, planting, watering, harvesting, refilling watering can)
  • Much better navigation system: Colonists go around other colonists and can use furniture from many angles
  • Aggregated resource views in the UI
  • Many performance imporvements, especially in AI code and floor drawing, as well as memory management
  • When gathering or producing resources, numbers are displayed in the UI

Bugs fixed

  • Pillars easier to grab with mouse
  • Colonists used to interact with furniture through walls
  • Cotton is no longer available in winter
  • Mental health incidents are more spaced apart
  • Campfire turns on and off correctly
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t build pillars into walls
  • Fixed bug where MisterZ’s base was not getting attacked as often as it should have
  • Colonists no longer keep talking if their conversation partner falls unconscious
  • Fixed bug where colonists would wander off to relax while goblins were still attacking their friends
  • Fixed tailor placement bug
  • Training dummies buildable on floor
  • Fixed some jumping camera bugs and constrained camera to the island
  • Doctors don’t bury the bodies of Tikigoblins
  • Can build floor below furniture even if furniture is already built