Alpha 6.1 brings Community Translations to Founders’ Fortune

Founders’ Fortune has gone through a small explosion: In the last couple of days, more than 2500 new players signed up to try our game. This is incredible and I couldn’t be happier!

During all that activity, we received a lot of bug reports and suggestions. Many of them have been duly written down and will be considered for a future major release. However, we selected some of the most critical bugs and the most useful, simple suggestions to include in a minor update, which is out now.

Along with these bugfixes and improvements comes a big step: Our community has put in an incredible amount of work and managed to translate more than 1200 phrases, sentences and paragraphs into French and Spanish in the span of only a couple days. This is a great achievement and will make playing Founders’ Fortune a lot easier for a big part of the playerbase.

Alpha 6.1 – The Translation Update – is fully compatible to all other Alpha 6 versions, so you can just continue with your previous savegames.

See the full changelog below and continue being awesome in the Discord and the Forum.
Have fun playing!

Features and Changes

  • Food supply is less difficult: Colonists get hungry less quickly in calm and exciting worlds
  • Renamed “small shelf” category to “dressers” and “big shelf” to “big shelf or cabinet” to avoid confusion
  • Selecting a colonist also highlights his bed
  • Dumbness is shown in profession promotion panel to avoid confusion
  • Checkbox UI improved
  • Unpausing with hotkeys goes back to previous speed before pause
  • Removed fog until we have more time for the weather system (don’t worry, snow storms are still in there)
  • And of course: Community Translations for French and Spanish!


  • Fixed room detection bug that made colonists forget they had a bedroom when it was extended
  • Beds can only be assigned to living colonists now
  • Fixed bug that would remove designations from resources
  • Small Table collision box was too large
  • If people have a breakdown event, the mood bar is now red no matter what they do
  • Fixed window resizing issue
  • Pessimistic thought didn’t vanish when pessimism trait was removed
  • Some grammar improvements and fixed missing descriptions
  • Fixed keybinding problem where using the number 4 as a hotkey for 4x speed wouldn’t work
  • Fixed a navigation issue
  • Houses now calculate correct number of rooms