Get rich in the Traders Update

I’m going to keep this news post short because the Discord Community is dying for the new update right now.

Since the last update we received a ton of Feedback. We’re super thankful for all the help we got from you guys playing the game, giving your feedback and all the nice words you had. We’re even more thankful for those who spent some of their own free time to make and improve our community translations.

Since we got a lot of requests about how people could support Founders’ Fortune, we’re releasing the Founders’ Fortune store together with this update. Check it out. It contains some extra packages for supporters without diminishing the game for the rest of the players. With this update we’re releasing a free and a paid edition. The content is the same, but the free edition will be discontinued in the future while the price of the paid edition is discounted at the moment. It will be raised as more content is added to the game.

Alpha 7 – the Traders Update – brings a ton of new features to the table, intermixed with system changes and bugfixes. Check out the summarized changelog below to get a quick overview:

New Features

  • Trader buys and sells resources and equipment
  • Payment expectation: Your colonists want a salary!
  • Random World Generation
  • Female colonists!
  • New wishes for big paydays and defeating goblins
  • New thoughts about salary and floors in house
  • Equipment system revamped so equipment doesn’t lie all over the place
  • Going with this: Weapon racks, display cases and armor stands
  • Loads of new equipment to build throughout the game
  • A bunch of new furniture in elegant stone style
  • Multi-select!
  • Combat mode makes controlling during attack and defense easier. Soldier job removed
  • Research requires crystals and scrolls now
  • New save system with naming + date display and Autosave
  • Colonists can hurt or break legs and arms. Doctor can apply splints to heal them.
  • New trait “limping” makes colonists walk slower. Can occur when doctor messes up broken leg treatment.
  • Carrying unconscious and immobile people to bed
  • Greatly improved goblin villages with drums, chests, and more
  • Portuguese and Turkish translations. Thanks to the community translators!
  • Performance improvement with custom baked reflection probes
  • Community favorite: New mouse cursor!

Changed Systems

  • Changed jealousy system to be more forgiving
  • Changed wish system to track “important furniture”. Can fulfill wishes with furniture that’s already been built.
  • Now wishing for more stuff in house instead of room
  • Improved furniture movement when placing and moving it
  • Vandalism not as proabable anymore. Burnout more probable.
  • Goblins retreat after losing consciousness


  • All stones can be mined and depleted
  • Icons fixed
  • Fps dependance on movement rate fixed
  • Fixed bugs with house detection
  • Fixed messed up scrollviews
  • Fixed some AI priorities
  • Spacebar doesn’t trigger any buttons anymore
  • Fixed bug where colonists wouldn’t get any resources from mining
  • Fixed bug where doors stopped working in certain conditions
  • Lots of other fixes

We’re glad to have such a supportive community and we’re looking forward to the next updates. It’s going to be great 🙂
Some of these features can only be developled if we get enough monetary support from our players so please have a look at the store. It also contains a preliminary roadmap with some of the features we’d like to tackle in the future.

We hope you have a lot of fun with Alpha 7!