Diplomacy Update coming next Friday, August 23rd – price will rise by 1€

Did you think your colonists were alone in this world? Alone with a couple of monsters and a cold hearted trader that only stops by when he can find the time? No longer!

With the Diplomacy Update, the factions in Founders’ Fortune are going to be an interesting, ever changing dynamic throughout the game. Befriend other villages, trade for good prices, or wage a war to extinguish any threat to your existence.

New Stuff you can look forward to

We’re still working on the update, so we can’t be too sure about the end product, but the following systems are already in a playable state:

  • Diplomacy overview panel, displaying info about who has what opinion of you and why
  • Can give presents to raise relations
  • Can ask for a tribute to attain additional resources (Other factions pay the tribute only if they see you as a good friend or if your village is large enough to scare them)
  • Goblins ask for tributes and presents instead of raiding you immediately
  • More goblin villages per map
  • Trading with goblins if the relationship is ok
  • Other factions remember your actions and will see you as a “lasting friend” or a “long time nemisis”.
  • Goblins slowly rebuild their village if damaged
  • Can buy the freedom of a kidnapped colonist
  • Lots of balancing changes (for example: wood is much cheaper in trading now)
  • Goblins craft 2 new types of weapons and 2 new types of armor to keep up with your village
  • “Statues of Friendship” can be donated to a friendly village in order to get a permanent boost to your relations
  • Some changes to the trader factions that we keep secret for now 😉

Price rises by 1€ on Alpha 9 launch

In the Early Access description of Founders’ Fortune we state that “we plan to increase the price continuously as we add features to the game. That doesn’t mean will raise the price every update though. Instead, we keep an eye on the community and on the average hours played to get a feel for whether the game is worth the price increase or not.

In the recent weeks we got a lot of friendly comments and reviews praising the performance, the stability and the amount of content Founders’ Fortune had right at the early access launch. Not everyone shares these opinions, but overall, it seems like people are more than happy with the game, which tells us a small price increase paired with a content update seems to be justified.

If you buy it before August 23rd, the old price will still be available until then. If you’re not in Europe, the price will change by about 6% in your currency to keep it fair.

How we include community feedback this Update

Since the Steam launch 3 weeks ago, we received a ton of feedback on all forums we use. Thanks for being part of the journey and contributing to the discussion!

Many of the bugs since then have already bin fixed in the 6 minor updates right after the launch date. Nevertheless, there were a lot of suggestions concerning quality of life improvements and the future of the game, which I’m putting in a huge list called “community feedback”.

We have about 2 weeks until the release of Alpha 9, so our plan is to finish up the Diplomacy Update features first, which shouldn’t take too long. Next we’ll do a bunch of bug testing, and finally we’ll sort the community feedback list by priority and implement as much as possible in the time that’s left. Mod support also falls in this category: If we find time now, we’ll take the first steps in Alpha 9, otherwise it’s no big deal.

We hope you’ll have a lot of fun walking the line between friendship and hostility in the Diplomacy Update!

Find the forum discussion here.