Founders’ Fortune Alpha 8 now on Steam!

As you can imagine, this is a huge step for us. In the last couple of months we put in an enormous amount of work and now we’re happy to see a larger audience enjoying the game.

First of all, we would like to thank everyone who has supported us this far with feedback, translations, videos, and more.

Second, if you already bought the game via our website, you now get a Steam key so you can enjoy the automatic updates and cloud saves on Steam as well. Follow these steps in order to activate your copy on Steam:

  1. Find the original email from Humble Bundle saying “Your Founders’ Fortune order is ready”
  2. Follow the link in this email
  3. Activate the Steam key on the website

Of course, Alpha 8 brings a bunch of new features, too!
The major news are:

  • Goblin kidnappings
  • Roofs
  • Beer + parties
  • Loads of new equipment!
  • Fortifications, for your castle building needs 😉

Find the full changelog below.

If you would like to support Founders’ Fortune in additional ways, be sure to leave a review on Steam! It shows players that this is a game people are actually playing and having fun with 😉

Other than that, tell your friends, tell your favorite youtubers and post about it on social media. Every bit of support pushes the game.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone that’s with us on this journey to make Founders’ Fortune an amazing game!

Have fun with Alpha 8!

(Almost) Full Changelog

New Features

  • Cages in goblin villages + kidnappings
  • Roofs!
  • Fortifications: Huge walls to keep your colony save!
  • Beer brewing
  • Parties for colonist enjoyment
  • Dancing, cheering, hugging, enjoying fire interactions
  • 2 pieces of clothing for every single profession + 2 more pieces of armor for soldiers, reworked iron armor
  • Lots of new world elements to make the random world more interesting
  • Russian and Ukrainian translations! Thanks to the community!
  • Potion storage furniture
  • Precision placement of furniture with shift
  • Also: Showing grid when building
  • Huge UI update! New fonts, new panels, new buttons, new dropdowns!
  • Mod overview panel to manage supporter packages (and hopefully mods one day 😉 )
  • Animation + thought bubble when path can not be found
  • New free-flying camera mode accessible with F4

Changed Systems

  • Adapted prices of walls and floors to make more sense
  • Colonists no longer steal beds of their friends if their own bed is not available

Bugs fixed + improvements

  • Major color update + construction elements rework
  • AI performance improvements
  • AI navigation system completely changed. Way more dynamic and stable now
  • Colonists now eat at closest chair
  • Carrying to bed no longer uses ragdolls for stability
  • Lots of typo corrections
  • Fight music no longer stays on after losing game because of goblins
  • Some fixes for broken saves
  • Equipment on human now properly saved and loaded
  • Fixed furniture rotation bug when placing it quickly
  • Colonists no longer sleepwalk
  • Can’t add survivalist traits when trait already on the colonist
  • Uncontrollable colonists can no longer be controlled by multi-selecting them
  • Fixed important possessions update bug
  • There was a bug in the error message screen. Oops 😀
  • Colonists can no longer forget orders when switching active colonists.
  • Fixed rock mining issue
  • Fixed stuttering issue in build menu
  • No more accidental sleepwalking
  • When colonist dies in bed, bed no longer says “somebody else is using this”
  • Fixed issue where people would forget orders when woken up by combat mode
  • Trader garment no longer in research tree
  • Better colliders -> more precise furniture placement and AI navigation
  • Fixed strawberry icon seasons
  • Fixed inconsistent UI button sound

I skipped some minor points here and there to keep it legible.