Seasons Update is out!

It’s finally done! I’m quite proud of the work we’ve done with the seasons and the update in general. Here is a small video to give you a taste of the new seasons and weather systems:



We added the four seasons as well as a bunch of weather effects, like fog or snow. These effects don’t change the gameplay (for now), but they look cool regardless! In order to survive winter you need to gather enough food, healing plants and cotton to be covered for the winter. There is no way to get any more food once winter is upon you. So if you didn’t manage to gather enough for your colonists, it’s upon you to decide who gets how much.


Professions and Experience

Colonists can’t simply do everything by default. They need to gather experience in a profession, before they can do the handle the more difficult tasks. Axes, for examples are simple enough that any colonist can make them, but iron armor or bows need serious commitment to learning craftsmanship before a colonist can make them. Colonists can gather experience through learning by doing or read about the necessary bits in books. (It’s also a nice idea to have some colonists be teachers to others, but we didn’t include it for this update).


Personality Traits and the Colonist Selection Screen

Each colonist is different! With this update, they not only have different thoughts, but also different traits. Some colonists are smart, others are dumb. Some despise raw food, some can’t even learn to cook. Some are battle-hardened and don’t bat an eye when they come across death, others are pacifists and only fight if they have no other choice.

You can select your dream crew at the beginning of the game. But every colonist has positive and negative traits as well as different experience levels in their professions. So you have to choose wisely in order to have a good team.


In-game Feedback System and Forum

If you have something to tell us, you can now use the in-game feedback system to reach us. It’s accessible via the main menu and you just type in your feedback, click on ‘send’ and we instantly receive it.

For all other communication needs we created a forum where you can also talk to others.