Seasons Update coming soon

We’re finishing up the final features for a big update that will bring seasons and much more to the game. We incorporated a lot of feedback from our playtest in February, but mainly added new features to extend the playtime and ‘interestingness’ of the game. These are the most important new things:

  • Seasons (no farming in winter)
  • Profession Levels and XP (Colonists need to get job experience in order to do certain things)
  • Personality traits (Each colonist has individual attributes that make them special)
  • Colonist selection screen (customize your crew when you start a new game)

There is also a bunch of other stuff that I’m really proud of, like the refreshed UI and the inner workings of the AI systems. But I guess those are not as interesting to a player.

However, there is also some other non-gameplay stuff that is kind of cool:

  • I made an in-game feedback system: You can just type your feedback in the game and send it directly to us, no need to write an email for every tiny thing.
  • I have set up a forum so you can talk to other players.

The update will probably be available sometime next week. If you’ve already signed up for the Alpha, we will send out an email to let you know.

PS: This is not an April fools joke 🙂