The Animal Update is released!

The time has come and we’re ready to release Alpha 14, the Animal Update!

We made a small trailer for the update, so I’ll let the video do the talking:

With the Animal Update, we wanted to put a heavy focus on the mid-game. Besides the the animals and animal interactions, we extended the food and textile industries and added a new quest system with a couple of quests for starters. Additionally, we added some smaller stuff like new traits and improved the modding capabilities.

We hope you enjoy all the new stuff and will continue giving us the feedback and support we need to improve the game even more!



  • New animals: Cows and pigs
  • Animals can reproduce and have children
  • Animals can be tamed and become part of the community
  • Adult tamed animals will help defend the village
  • Buying and selling animals with Traders’ Guild
  • Shearing, Milking, and Butchering
  • Textile Industry: Use the loom to turn cotton and wool into cloth
  • New meals: Milk, Meat and Potatoes, Cheese
  • New traits: Vegetarian, Lactose Intolerant, Animal Lover
  • New quest system
  • Quest: Inspiration for Masterpiece. If successful, villagers build unique furniture, like Scarecrow, Tool Chest, Medical Tool Chest, Dream Catcher, Bed of Tranquility, Painting of Good Vibes which give bonuses on all kinds of things
  • Quest: Treasure Storage. The pirates contact you with a request…
  • Info panels for resources, plants, and buildings from other factions show stuff like “resources left”, “time to regrow”, etc.
  • New event: Depressed villager gains negative trait
  • Modding: Back button for object inspector
  • Modding: UI now supports more than 13 villagers if modders have changed max number
  • Modding: Can now load 3rd-party dlls
  • Modding: Can specify mod load order in config.json relative to other mods


  • Strawberry Cake now requires milk, but gives positive thought when eaten
  • Forester profession now has specialization to cut tree stumps or not
  • Construction is handled by the “Builder” profession now
  • Players can now cut down apple trees and cotton plants


  • Sheep no longer sit on chairs from time to time
  • Fixed memory issue

Saves are compatible! If you encounter any issues, let me know. Have fun!