Architecture Update Released!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m honored to announce to you… Alpha 11, the Architecture Update!

Check out the Mini-Trailer we made:

As you see, this update is all about multiple floors and stockpiles, and boy, colonies do look great when they reach up into the skies!

Multiple Floors

This is the actual core of the update and while it took almost all the development time we had allocated for this update, we think the results speak for themselves. Imagine all the new possibilities!

You can either build on top of an existing room or utilize pillars to give you the support you need for bridges, balconies, and so on. Some pillars make more floor tiles available above them than others.

A good thing to know is that construction gets more expensive the higher you go! This will “simulate” the additional support your buildings need when you’re on your quest against gravity.


Once you start playing Alpha 11, you will soon realize that you can’t earn too many resources until your resource panel goes red and you can’t collect any more.

From now on, all of your resources are going to be stored in “stockpiles”. Specific objects designed to hold all your hard-earned materials.

These storage units not only show off your progress, in the future they might also become a specific target for raids… we’ll see!


Major new stuff

  • Multiple Floors now possible, up to 10 floors, exact amount moddable
  • The higher the floor, the more expensive construction becomes
  • You can only take in a limited amount of resources. Build stockpiles in order to store it all.
  • New modding capabilities! Including, but not limited to: Camera speed, camera zoom levels, instant furniture building + movement, seconds per ingame day, days per season, rate of hunger + energy decrease, goblin, pirate, and trader raids and outfits, migrant timings, etc.


  • Fixed icons for some resources (@Jordan’s movable resources mod)
  • Fixed collider issue with apple trees (@Loikas’ apple trees mod)
  • Notification arrow now works again for hurt villagers
  • Fixed broken snowflakes + tiki armor appearance
  • A couple of performance improvements behind the scene
  • Lots of smaller bugs

Oh, and one more note:
This time, your Alpha 10 saves should be compatible! No guarantees though. You might lose some resources if you’re unlucky, but your colonists, buildings, relationships, etc. from Alpha 10 will all be there!