The Family Update is available!

If you have been following the forum thread during the last week, you already know a whole lot about what’s new. If not, you can either read it now, or check out the sweet new mini-trailer for this update:

It’s called the Family Update, but let’s not forget the Relationships, that are new as well! Villagers can now become friends (and enemies!) with each other. Once your village has grown, they will also require a minimum amount of friends to be happy.

Another important change is that villagers now age and die. Unless you can find the famed, and possibly cursed, elixir of youth…

I’m quite curious what you think of this update. Let us know if we should continue heading in a direction like this, or get back to adding more typical survival/building gameplay features in the next update.

For a detailed list of what’s new, check out the changelog.



  • Relationships, ranging from “Nemesis” to “Love of their life”
  • New social interactions: joking, impressing, insulting, apologising, and more
  • Villagers can be annoyed at each other and refuse talking
  • Age levels: Child, Adult, Elder
  • Children don’t have expectations or jobs, but require positive childhood happiness and education to grow up well
  • Upon growing up, villagers get new traits + education levels
  • New wishes for friendship/enemy levels, social interactions, kids, education, and more
  • Bed + Bookshelf for Children
  • 2 new carpets
  • Building a snowman together, just for fun
  • Elixir of Youth

Gameplay Changes

  • Community Expectation: Villagers want to have friends
  • Raised villager limit from 11 to 13
  • Reordered expectations to make the first few colonists slightly easier
  • Hugs only available after relationship status “Buddies”
  • Attack strength is now capped for endgame colonies in calm and exciting worlds
  • It now takes a little time to fulfil simple wishes like “relax”
  • Since children get education in their youth, educating adults is now slightly harder
  • Added all of the new social interactions to villagers’ party behavior
  • Rocks and iron ore patches now contain a lot more material – this is important for large end game villages
  • Villagers eat a little bit more
  • Tiki + pirate equipment now less valuable and some require experience, to be more balanced

I hope you all enjoy the heck out of the Family Update!