Hello world!


I just finished setting up the website for Founders’ Fortune, a game we have been working on for quite some time now. With Founders’ Fortune, we want to create a colony simulation game where every colonist seems like a person. They have traits, thoughts and skills. If their friend dies, they become sad and that shows through their behavior. The Sims is a great inspiration, but in Sims survival is guaranteed. Not here. The colonists need to grow food and build shelter in order to survive.

In the last few months, we have mostly been busy with setting up the basic gameplay, like the build system, combat mechanics and the AI. In the coming months we plan to fill the game with much more content that uses these systems, for example more build structures or health effects, like infections or illnesses.

That’s it for our first post! If you want to keep up to date about our progress on the game you can use the subscribe form and enter your e-mail.