About Modding in Founders’ Fortune

First things first: For Alpha 8, the Early Access release, Founders’ Fortune doesn’t expose any modding features. However, recently there has been a lot of discussion about modding Founders’ Fortune within and outside our community. So with the release around the corner, I wanted to give you a quick look into what the future might […]

Alpha 8 Trailer released and FF on Steam

Hi everyone! Our community on the Discord Server already knows, but recently a lot of great Youtubers have gotten into Founders’ Fortune, so I’m sure this announcement is going be seen by a lot of new visitors. Hello and welcome! Founders’ Fortune has been available for free until now, but with the next update we’re […]

Hello world!

Welcome! I just finished setting up the website for Founders’ Fortune, a game we have been working on for quite some time now. With Founders’ Fortune, we want to create a colony simulation game where every colonist seems like a person. They have traits, thoughts and skills. If their friend dies, they become sad and […]