Modding Update coming tomorrow!

Hello everyone! This is just a quick post to let you know that Alpha 10, the Modding Update is releasing tomorrow!

I opened an early version of the update to some modders and they have been hard at work getting to know the tools and making some first mods for you to check out when the update releases.

That’s how the workshop looks like at the moment:

Of course, there is no guarantee that mods will work and you will always have to install them at your own risk – they might break savegames for example. As we go through Early Access and more mods are released, we’ll see what kind of issues we might run into with mods and savegames and improve them along the way.

Also, as usual savegames are not compatible between Alpha 9 and Alpha 10 because we’re in Early Access and we’re always making large changes under the hood. Also as always, you’ll be able to stay on Alpha 9 though if you like.

While the modders have been working on some mods for you, I’ve used the time to get some extra stuff into the update. Who can guess what the guy in the picture is all about? 😉