The Pirate + Modding Update is live!

Greetings dear village builders and welcome to another update for Founders’ Fortune!

If you have been active in the community, you probably know that we’ve been talking about moddability for a while. Originally not even in our vision for the game, a ton of players have requested opening up the game for mods. Founders’ Fortune is a game that could have a lot of modding potential, so after some discussion with the community, we added modding to our official roadmap.

NOTICE: Check out Jordan’s contest here, you can win a free game! If you already own Founders’ Fortune, gift it to a friend!


Modding is the core focus of this update and as such, we have not only opened up the game, but also released the FFModKit, a collection of tools to make modding easier, as well as a tutorial series to explain the basics.

We opened up the workshop to a small number of players early, so they could create some mods to be ready for you now. I’m proud to say there are already 5 great player-made mods for you to download and check out. If anything doesn’t work, please be patient with the modders as they’re still learning about the whole thing. Also, if it does work out and you like it, make sure to leave the modders a message saying you appreciate their effort!

If you’re interested in making your own mods for Founders’ Fortune, START HERE. You can start with the easy category!


Since we released the modding features early to some players, we had some time to squeeze in a couple of additional features. One of them is the new pirate faction!

Appearing only in mid- to late-game, the pirates are a powerful faction that often gets in conflict with the Traders’ Guild. It’s possible to stay out of fights entirely, but if you want to befriend the Guild, you might want to offer them a safe haven when needed.


New Features

  • Mod support, Mod tools, Modding tutorials, and Workshop Integration!
  • Pirate Faction and Pirate Events!
  • You can now ask a migrant about their skills before accepting them (community request)
  • Select all colonists by dragging over their portraits (community request)
  • Add colonists to selection by holding shift (community request)
  • New “object movement system”, so colonists deconstruct and reconstruct stuff you want to move. Fixes a bunch of issues, too!
  • Small, fun animations for chopping trees and mining rocks

Balancing changes

  • Goblin tributes are not as high anymore generally (community request)
  • Goblin tributes are especially lower in endgame, which fits well with the new pirates addition


  • Improved AI navigation, especially for wells and graves
  • Favorite food didn’t properly add happy thoughts
  • Right click no longer deletes moved furniture
  • Fixed the remaining issues with the Korean josa
  • Icon for cage
  • Fixed a bug you couldn’t get equipment from the Tikigoblins (introduced with Alpha 9.1)

This update is a prime example of how important community feedback can be: I would have never thought it’d be all that important to learn about a migrant’s skillset before accepting them, just deal with what you get, right?

But it turns out that has been one of our most requested features in the last months, so I added it to my list, and now we have a nice little system where you can ask your newcomer about his traits and skills. Yeah!

I hope you’ll have a lot of fun and let me know if you run into any issues!