The Profession Update is out!

Hello everyone!
After a short break, it has finally arrived: Alpha 13, the Profession Update, is available.

From the beginning, we have been getting feedback that villagers should be able to take on more than one job at the same time. Well, not only is that now possible, each job now also has a full skill tree. That way you can choose what abilities your villagers need to unlock first.

With the addition of the skill tree it made sense to include a bunch of new skills as well: Educated villagers can now plant pine trees, apple trees, and cotton, get additional resources by opening a deep mine, master martial arts, sneak through enemy camps at night, and more!

You might also notice some new four-legged neighbors on the maps. These are not tameable yet – but it’s supposed to give you a taste of what’s in store for Founders’ Fortune in the future (and give us an opportunity to test the animal behaviors live!)

And finally there are some additional extras, like the new doors and fortifications. Savegames are compatible, too.

We hope you like Alpha 13! Let us know what you think, especially if you happen to run into any issues. In the meantime, check out this mini-trailer:

Main Changelog

New Stuff:

  • Profession overview panel
  • Multiple professions per villager possible
  • One Skill tree for each profession. Educate your villagers to unlock more
  • New Skill: Plant Pine trees, apple trees, and cotton plants
  • New Skill: Open a deep mine to get additional resources
  • New Skill: Learn martial arts and defend yourself without weapons
  • New Skill: Learn the art of sneaking and don’t wake sleeping enemies
  • New Skill: Educate children (2x as fast than having them learn by books)
  • Fortification gates! (I know you have been waiting for these)
  • 5 new doors that actually open and close properly
  • First steps to include animals: sheep


  • Villagers live 50% longer (we heard your feedback)
  • Relationships are a little easier to develop
  • The skill tree system will take longer than the previous 3 experience levels