The Pirate + Modding Update is live!

Greetings dear village builders and welcome to another update for Founders’ Fortune! If you have been active in the community, you probably know that we’ve been talking about moddability for a while. Originally not even in our vision for the game, a ton of players have requested opening up the game for mods. Founders’ Fortune […]

Modding Update coming tomorrow!

Hello everyone! This is just a quick post to let you know that Alpha 10, the Modding Update is releasing tomorrow! I opened an early version of the update to some modders and they have been hard at work getting to know the tools and making some first mods for you to check out when […]

Modding coming to Alpha 10 – Call for Early Testers

I hope you all excuse the basic art in the screenshot – because that’s just my programmer art for our dev-made example Mod! That’s right, modding is coming to Founders’ Fortune and to make it easier to learn, we have created a large example mod, modifying furniture, weapons, clothes, walls, fortifications, fences, floors, translations, and […]

Alpha 9.1 adds Italian + Changes in the dev team

Alpha 9.1 The Alpha 9 Diplomacy Update launch has gone over quite well, so here is just one minor update that fixes a handful of annoying issues and finally adds the Italian community translation! Fixed Bugs Fixed “No Translation” in wishes for rugs Fixed a bug where not all rugs properly completed the rug wish […]

Alpha 9, the Diplomacy Update, is Released!

Hello everyone! It’s been almost exactly a month since the big launch on Steam we’ve already been hard at work bringing you the next iteration on Founders’ Fortune. The Update The Diplomacy update focuses on the goblins first and foremost – making friendship and hostility both possible, but it also gives some more depth to […]

Founders’ Fortune Alpha 8 now on Steam!

As you can imagine, this is a huge step for us. In the last couple of months we put in an enormous amount of work and now we’re happy to see a larger audience enjoying the game. First of all, we would like to thank everyone who has supported us this far with feedback, translations, […]

About Modding in Founders’ Fortune

First things first: For Alpha 8, the Early Access release, Founders’ Fortune doesn’t expose any modding features. However, recently there has been a lot of discussion about modding Founders’ Fortune within and outside our community. So with the release around the corner, I wanted to give you a quick look into what the future might […]