The Farming Update is out!

After a month of hard work, we’re proud to announce that the Farming Update is finally available! A lot has changed. As the name implies, there is a lot of new content to expand the farming side of Founders’ Fortune. Highlights include 4 new types of crops, the plant watering system, food preferences for colonists, […]

The Research Update is Available!

After some hard work, we’re happy to announce Alpha 4.0, the Research Update! We had to take a longer break in development in 2018 but we’re back on track. Now we’re working full time on Founders’ Fortune and this update is the first one – there is more to come! Technologies Previously, the game featured […]

Seasons Update is out!

It’s finally done! I’m quite proud of the work we’ve done with the seasons and the update in general. Here is a small video to give you a taste of the new seasons and weather systems:   Seasons We added the four seasons as well as a bunch of weather effects, like fog or snow. […]

Seasons Update coming soon

We’re finishing up the final features for a big update that will bring seasons and much more to the game. We incorporated a lot of feedback from our playtest in February, but mainly added new features to extend the playtime and ‘interestingness’ of the game. These are the most important new things: Seasons (no farming […]

Hello world!

Welcome! I just finished setting up the website for Founders’ Fortune, a game we have been working on for quite some time now. With Founders’ Fortune, we want to create a colony simulation game where every colonist seems like a person. They have traits, thoughts and skills. If their friend dies, they become sad and […]